The "Daily SportsBD" online newspaper started its journey based on the slogan "We sports-crazy people". There is a lot of talk about daily sports chats and sports news in leisure time. Besides cricket, football is very popular in Bangladesh. But since there is no online magazine on sports only in Bangladesh, we have to rely on outside English online newspapers for new news. With this problem in mind, some of us sports-crazy people are thinking of opening a website of Daily SportsBD online Bangla news.

Our goal is to provide regular news of new games to local and foreign Bengali-speaking people. In this case, the journalists of our online magazine appear on the playground and provide news. Besides, we collect the news of local sports of the country through our own representatives. The only foreign sports news we collect online. No posts of other newspapers of Bangladesh are copied from us here and they are not followed. We, the Daily SportsBD family, are very much aware of this.

The "Daily SportsBD" family is always ready to cooperate with the government for the betterment of sports in the country. We are working tirelessly to ensure that good players from the grassroots come up regularly and play a role in the development of the country. We give much more priority to sports news of divisional cities, areas, villages, schools, colleges, universities. Daily SportsBD is and will always be by the side of poor and talented players. I am hoping for the cooperation of eminent persons of the country's sports world in this regard.

The Daily SportsBD does not publish any news that terrifies the general public. We provide news only after verifying the veracity of the news.

I don't know how far we can go for the development of sports in the country. But we will do our best. We need everyone's cooperation and help with this.

Thanks, everyone.